Training Course

The Indian Shredder mountain training camp is a medium to learn, grow and advance your skills on the mountain bike. We aim at providing basic and professional guidelines in every aspect of the sport to make you a better and confident rider.  A brief overview on what you will learn and experience at the beginner/intermediate level mountain bike camp – 

  • Bike Set-up Pre-ride checks Choosing the right tyre pressures
  • Mental training skills – Anticipating Flow – Relaxing on the bike and staying loose – How to be calm and ride within yourself to focus and stay in control
  • Body Position & Movement – The Ready Position and overall stance on the bike – Moving around the bike in three dimensions – Dynamic weight shifts to overcome trail features
  • Speed Control – Braking safely and effectively – When and where to brake
  • Cornering – Cornering with speed and confidence
  • Trail Obstacles – Negotiating trail obstacles such as – Roll overs,jumps, roots, off camber sections and berms
  • Pumptrack Session (**LATEST**) – These will help you carry more flow on the trails and improve your cornering techniques
  • Climbing & Descending – Negotiating steep terrain – Roll-ins & bomb holes
  • Trail Flow – Reading the trail
  • Please note – Itenary for Advanced courses will be e-mailed individually

This mountain bike training course will be conducted through Pro Athletes and trained professionals. Location of the camp will be shared post registration. For our 3rd quarter edition of Mountain bike coaching camps this year. We’re offering you a package price of ₹4000 which includes – 

  • Protective gear for your arms and knees, helmets on request.
  • An Indian Shredder ‘Ride like a Pro’ T – shirt.
  • Snacks and hydration provided during all course times

Camp instructors –                          SCOTT India Athlete – Piyush Chavan                              

if you’re interested to learn and improve your skills with us in our training course, do register using the following form and let us know about your queries, questions if you have any. Also if you would like to share information about your rides, new found trails and pictures do send them to me on  Cheers,


Piyush Chavan


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Please note – Any changes towards, not attending the required dates, must be conveyed 48hrs before the scheduled date. Any cancellation after will not result in a refund.