The Indian Shredder Downhill Mayhem, is the first DH race that has ever happened in Pune. To help the scene grow and create more competitive DH athletes this was one step taken towards the goal by the Indian Shredder team. We are glad to have a lot more participants that last time and hope to have better tracks and amenities in the Future. Cheers!



Photo courtesy – Siddharth Marlecha

Nagesh Wagh





FINAL Results


The race was one packed adventure. We had to shift the venue due to some issues and luckily had a another race track just 3 kms away. The riders loved it as it was longer and a little less technical than the previous one. Yet the challenge remained the same and everyone was pushed to their limits.


This race was organized to give the growing club of mountain biker a chance to experience racing and work on their potential. The Indian Shredder’s main aim was to create a team of the top 3 winner and support them for the upcoming DH race in Bangalore on Sept 20th and as per plan we’ve had enough registrations do so. We’re glad to announce that 1st place Shrirang Jaltade, 2nd Place – Rugved Thite and 3rd Place – Aryan Kanadkar will be racing it out in Bangalore the #indianshredder style B|.


Pavan, keeping it nice and controlled

vlcsnap-2015-08-18-12h30m52s246Pratik Raykar, I don’t think he was too happy about being 7th from the 3rd he got last time. But that’s racing 11911141_1089000011111426_2111918550_n
























Rajat Kini, coming in 4th showing everyone his 29er power!


11923402_1088999411111486_253824385_nWhere did you come from? A brillian 3rd for Aryan Kanadkar, makes his way into in the Indian Shredder team.


4th in Experts, Varun Dutt shows off his new Scott Sports Genius #Noshortcuts



Kini trying to get it all together!









11908238_1089000031111424_1983691434_n Soham Bhosale, all the way from Kolhapur with his fancy gear, coming into 6th position.

11874041_1088999904444770_182827292_nThis guy is sure to bring the party to you every single time! Gautam Taode coming in hot to take the win in Experts!

Shrirang Jaltade

Shrirang Jaltade does it again! In first place by almost 5 seconds, here in Pune we call him Gwin 😉

Adwait 1

























Bro, what’s going on? Did you even click me? – Adwait Parchure during practice coming in 3rd in Experts. Poor guy couldn’t pedal!



Well atleast he was wearing a helmet to protect his head!