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It has been the perfect time and combination of elements that brought us together to organize the First official DH race in Pune. We had over 24 participants, an expert crew and the owners of Bike Park Avanti (Avanti Kalagram) with their passionate investment in helping build the best tracks for all mtb enthusiasts. For me, I’ve always ridden my bike on my own because I loved the way I felt connected to the flow. After being on the organizing side of this race, I saw the sprouts of my imagination starting to grow.. And I couldn’t be more thankful to the guys whom I work with now as they share the same vision I have. It was cool to see how two wheels helped create a community that is just building strong and all you want to do is just ride bikes and have fun!!

IMG_7653 Piyush Chavan styling after the race! Next time we organize a race, I’m definitely racing and keeping the timers with someone else! 😉IMG_7642 Adwait Parchure, coach at the Indian Shredder mountain bike training camps, testing the step down which was made for the expert category!IMG_7595 Gary Beelen flying over the table top during his finals run, dropped his chain midway and finished 10th.IMG_7569 Ruturaj Bhopatkar Flying during practice! He qualified 2nd in timed practice, unfortunately couldn’t put down a race run he wanted, there’s always a next time! 🙂


IMG_7503 Sarwarth Sawant, against all odds during his final run.. this guy has had quite a bit of bad luck during this year, but it all paid off as he won the race by 1.2 secs. No effort goes waste..



Viraj Bhopatkar – Probably the smoothest riders I’ve seen on the track!


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The IndianShredder Team