Railing down south!

11698848_10204267676443395_512698009791557503_oYou just can’t miss out on the opportunity to ride when all the DH riders in the country are coming together. That’s when plans for heading down to Bangalore were made to meet up with everyone and to shred and have a good time. Me and GT were out on my birthday riding when the thought of riding with everyone was circling our heads as we hiked up on our lines and finally we said it –  ‘Screw it, let’s go’.

Bangalore is always been a favorite city to me as I had my first Podium in a BMX competition in 2009 and DH race podiums in 2012-13 I was pretty sure it would be good fun. We booked the last bus to bangalore and we were in the city by late afternoon. Moral – never book the last bus to bangalore.

Well after catching up with everyone we decided to visit the sweet old Turahalli DH track and give it a good run. I wasn’t that excited at first honestly.. but as soon as we rode it we were surprised by the amount of ruts and opened lines on it. I was following Nilesh down the track and he was pinned, I’ve never seen such surreal line choice for sure! I need to start using clipped in very soon Here’s the interesting part, we were heading to do another run and I just felt like I might find a line to ride among those boulders and ironically I found one, steep, grippy, short and sweet! It was really cool how it connected the entire way!

I’ve never ridden down a big boulder yeah, so that things ticked off the list!

The Main reason why I came down to bangalore wasn’t fulfilled yet, we were still yet to ride the beautiful Nandi hills. So yes, we were on your way a little late in the morning and we reached there in no time, or maybe the excitement made it feel that way!

We decided to do a timed training on Nandi to fire things up. So out of 4 riders one waits down with the timer, one of the three riders that go up sends the other 2 riders down consecutively along with the countdown which is communicated over the phone (thank god we had cellular networks) Nandi trail was quite rough and pedally. But we managed to get quite a few runs in until when we were hiking up for another run I spotted a Big Black Bear. We were quite astonished to find one about 150 – 200  feet further away from us and we were unsure whether to continue hiking or just go down, we decided to continue and that’s when GT found out he had been dragging bear shit on his tyres all the way LOL :D. I was just hoping we don’t attract it near us. But we went safely to the start line and just hear a loud snoar and that’s it! We rode down fast as we could clocking down some good timings along the way!

Post that had a nice late lunch and a lazy drive back into town. That same night I was supposed to leave for my aunts and I got bitten by a dog so had to go to a hospital instead!

Well dogs and bears was bangalore for me!