PUSH CHRONICLES – The Video Series

Here’s my first video of ‘Push Chronicles’, yes I’m starting a video series! I’ve always had a few ideas in mind but never the motivation or the patience to actually make this happen, so I decided to start from a very small idea – What do I do best in my day, and yup this is how it is 😉 I hope you all are stoked watching this and if you find it cool, please share it..
I would love every bit of motivation I get from each like/share to help me create more such radness! Thanks to my Vaishali Chavan, Soha Patil and Ruturaj Bhopatkar for being a part and helping me film this! Cheers guys xx
This video is also a toast to SCOTT Sports India for supporting me last two years. We will be continuing our relationship for the future seasons! Cheers guys 😀 #Noshortcuts
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